A cost effective closed wall system enabling you to achieve a great Building Energy Rating (BER).

Our Reflect® range of closed panels are factory insulated and closed on the inner face with an airtight membrane and service battens. The combination of foil surfaces and rigid PIR insulation are used to optimise performance and minimise cost. The factory fitting of the airtight membrane and battens greatly reduce site works.

Wall Options: Reflect 140  |   Reflect 200
Floor Options: I Joists System


A closed wall system, with exceptional ‘eco’ credentials delivering outstanding energy efficiency.

Our Precision® range of closed wall panels are factory insulated, with exceptional U-values and are fully sealed for air control. With factory installed service battens, you can start plumbing and electrical work once the timber frame erecting is complete. Precision®300 utilises our twin wall system which greatly reduces thermal bridging.

Wall Options: Precision 250  |   Precision 300
Floor Options: I Joists System


Only Irish timber frame company with a building system certified by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany.

Our Passive 350® product incorporates a 300mm twin wall panel featuring a 50mm thermal break which achieves a U-value of 0.13 W/m2K. To achieve certification, we had to ensure that the materials, detail design and factory quality controls were to the highest standard.

Wall Options: Passive 350
Floor Options: I Joists System