Cygnum’s engineered timber structures division uses engineered timber materials to design, manufacture, deliver and construct framing solutions for commercial, residential, education, leisure and retail structures.

Aesthetically appealing, economical and versatile, engineered timber products including: 

  • Glue Laminated Timber (Glulam)
  • Cross Laminated Timber panels (CLT)
  • Hybrid frame solutions, where timber frame is used to compliment other structural elements including glulam, steel and concrete

Proving increasingly popular with architects, engineers and developers, engineered timber offers a sustainable and more visually appealing building product. The unparalleled versatility of engineered timber allows it to be used to stunning effect in a wide range of construction projects, whether as the main building material or used alongside a number of materials.

As well as structures made solely from engineered timber, Cygnum offers innovative ‘hybrid’ frames, combining engineered timber with steel and concrete. By utilising the benefits of each material, hybrid framing provides a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to the customary steel frames that remain prominent in these sectors.

Our specialist engineered structures include:


Glulam is the popular name for ‘glued laminated timber’ where aesthetically attractive structural timber components of large cross-section and long lengths can be fabricated from small cross-section structural timber members (lamellas). A glued laminated member is made up of these lamellas, laid up so that the grain is parallel to the longitudinal axis.

The lamellas are end-jointed by the process of finger jointing and therefore each individual laminate acts as a continuous structural element. Beams wider than the normal commercially available lamellas can be manufactured by edge-gluing after finger jointing. The lay-up of these wide laminates is arranged so that the edge joints are staggered about the central vertical axis of the component.

Glulam is one of the most widely used engineered timber components used in specialist timber framed construction projects because of its unique advantages which include:

  • Unmatched strength to weight ratio
  • Exceptionally versatile – straight, curved or bespoke shapes
  • Desirable natural high quality wood aesthetic
  • Virtually no on-site waste
  • Factory prefabrication and manufacturing accuracy
  • Negative carbon footprint
  • Outstanding fire resistance
  • Low Maintenance

All popular species are available in strength grades from GL24 to GL36, each offering their own unique individual aesthetic but this choice also makes ‘Glulam’ suitable for use in most conditions, internal, external and aggressive environments, such as swimming pools and coastal zones.

Cross Laminated Timber

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) can be used as a whole building structural solution for walls, floors and roofs and also in combination with engineered timber and other materials to produce a high performance and a highly sustainable timber frame solution.

Created by bonding ‘cross’ layers of timber boards together to produce solid, static load-bearing panels, CLT combines versatility and outstanding structural properties with an aesthetically appealing finish.

Using CLT, virtually any building can be designed, built and exceed building regulations, from one-off houses, to multi-story residential and commercial buildings, to schools, retail and warehouse buildings. CLT provides:

Exceptional structural, thermal and acoustic performance

  • Outstanding fire resistance
  • Speedy erection & reduced on-site programmes
  • Virtually no on-site waste
  • Factory prefabrication and manufacturing accuracy
  • Negative carbon footprint

Hybrid Frame Solutions

Hybrid structures have become popular among Architects, structural engineers & developers & use both steel and engineered timber, such as Glulam, to provide framing solutions for low-rise retail, commercial & industrial buildings.

Each material is used to ‘its strengths’ normally utilising steel for the columns and Glulam & other engineered timber elements for roofing and flooring solutions, providing a cost effective, sustainable, green alternative to the wholly steel framed buildings which have been more common in these sectors.

Why engage two contractors when Cygnum can provide excellence in one? A one stop shop for ‘Hybrid’ framed timber & steel, design, supply & erect solutions.