Why Choose A Cygnum Timber Framed System?

When we started building timber structures, our customers were focused on achieving superior levels of energy efficiency, speed of construction, and cost effectiveness. While the fundamentals have never changed, one thing that has dramatically changed is our customer’s desire for even greater levels of energy efficiency, delivered in an environmentally friendly package. In response, we have developed a timber frame system that offers energy levels second to none. The challenge for us was to ensure we delivered on what our customers asked for without compromising on our reputation for value. Whether you want a passive approved structure, an A-rated building or simply an eco friendly, cost effective build, we have an option to suit.

With our technology and automation, we can guarantee that all our panels are produced to the highest quality standards. Combining our experience and research, we have developed unique techniques to precisely insulate and seal every panel. Not forgetting, that by using environmentally friendly, sustainable and natural materials, we create a structure that is healthy for your client and the environment.

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